We guarantee a high proficiency with our Collection service

Collection service is a special system of transport of shipments with a smaller weight and size, which would not completely fill in the loading space of the truck. This type of service is also called piece shipment.

We can offer you an attractive price for our collection service and guarantee short delivery dates. We are able to assure this by concentrating a high number of similar piece shipments (intended to a similar destination) to one collection point, then by mass shipping them to the collection point of the target destination and in the end the delivering the single packages to the recipient.

If interested, we are able to insure your shipment against all different types of risks. The biggest advantages of collection shipments, even though a smaller number of packages are being shipped, are a low price and the possibility of shipping goods of different weight and sizes. Additionally you can rely on us with supporting you in such areas as customs services and when handling a shipment in import, export or transit.