Express handling of customer requests for safe transport

The main philosophy of the company Starek Transport is the satisfaction of our customers and a quick handling of their requests. During transport we pay huge attention to a secure and safe transport of goods to the dedicated location.  Thanks to our year long experience we are able to meet any demand connected to shipments, document or place where the shipment will be send.

We carry out our transport business thanks to our wide fleet of vehicles or additionally in cooperation with our certified partners, which have to pass a regular authorization done in the form of an internal safety audit. 


Transit customs declaration

is intended to assure safety measures for goods entering or leaving the territory of the European Union. The Customs declaration is filed by a person (in this case our company) responsible for transporting the goods, or a person which takes over the responsibility of the goods transported. The declaration is being handed to the customs office electronically.


A document intended for the customs declaration for goods outside of the European Union. It is needed for the purpose to release these goods into the customs regime. This document has one specific form for all countries of the European Union. It consists of 54 columns and is printed on a self-copying paper with a green-white base.

CMR (Road Carrier Liability Insurance)

The Road Freight Carrier is responsible for the damage on the shipped goods according to the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR Convention).In the event of damage, loss or excess delivery time, the carrier must pay the owner for each kilogram of the cargo, the real cost of the damage but not more than the limit. The carrier must take out a compulsory insurance for the mentioned types of damage. The insurance covers the following damages: partial or total damage of the shipment, partial or total loss of the shipment, customs, freight, other shipping costs, rescue costs, delivery deadline and legal representation costs.

Declaration of customs value

The customs value of goods includes the value of the goods itself, transport cost and the insurance of the goods as well. The correct definition of the customs value is very important for the correct assessment of the import duty payment and the taxes involved.


Country of origin certificate for goods used in preferential trade with countries that accept this certificate proving the country of origin of goods in the European Union. For customs clearance in these countries, goods with a EUR 1 certificate are cleared with a lower or zero duty.

Filling out of the TIR carnet

International transit document valid in the member countries of the TIR Convention, used in the road transport of goods, where the transport is carried out without changing the load through one or more borders in road vehicles, combinations of vehicles, provided that part of the transport between its beginning and the end is done by the road.

Filling out of the ATA carnet

A single international customs document that allows goods to be placed under a customs procedure, temporary admission, export, free circulation and transit and re-exportation from the customs territory of the European Union with the exemption of duties, taxes and other charges levied on the importation of goods, the need to use customs formalities under national customs rules and accordingly provides a guarantee for customs debt and other payments.


Fast logistic solutions in express transports

If you decide to use our express shipping services, our company is able to ship your goods throughout all of Europe within 24 hours. Another advantage is the possibility to transport freight of different commodities and different weight up to 1200 kg. This would however not be effective for the customer if he would not be able to rely on our express logistic as well. We offer you the possibility to ship with Starek Transport even a smaller number of commodities within the whole of Europe effectively, safely, fast and without unneeded administration.