Service quality guarantee

The ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate is an internationally recognized standard that ensures that the organization adheres to the highest quality standards in its processes and services provided.

The subject of the certification is the key activities of STAREK Transport s.r.o.

  • International freight transport: STAREK Transport s.r.o. ensures reliable and efficient transportation of cargo to international destinations, while adhering to high standards of safety and reliability.
  • Forwarding services: The company provides a wide range of forwarding services, including planning, coordination and tracking of cargo transportation.
  • Storage: STAREK Transport s.r.o. has modern storage solutions that ensure safe and efficient storage of various types of goods.
  • Service of delivery trucks: In addition to transporting and storing cargo, the company also takes care of maintenance and repairs of trucks, which ensures their continuous operation and reliability.

Confirmation of Quality:

The awarding of the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate is the result of a strict certification audit, which proved that the quality management system of STAREK Transport s.r.o. meets all the requirements of this renowned standard. This certificate reaffirms the guarantee of the quality of the services provided.

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